Short Term Missions Trips 

Just as HBC is proactive in our approach to missions, we are also proactive in our approach to Short Term Missions Trips (STMTs). We place a high priority on the coordination of our STMTs so that they will strengthen the field ministry of missionaries with whom HBC is already partnering.
This proactive strategy offers much more than an “exposure trip.” Those who go on an STMT experience some of the daily life of the missionaries, plus help them accomplish that which they may not have been able to do without our presence. HBC believes strongly in its STMT program, because the task is great, and people still need the gospel.

Trip Details

A $250 deposit is due upon acceptance to any team. 
Scholarships: While funds remain available, scholarships are given on a first come, first served basis. A 50% scholarship is available for HBC members going on their first HBC short-term trip, and a 25% scholarship is available for HBC members going on their second HBC short-term trip.
Spots are limited! For questions, email or call Nathan C. in the church office at 434-237-6505.

Toronto, Canada Spring Trip

May 20-26, 2019

You don’t have to travel to another continent to gain firsthand experience among varying worldview systems and unreached peoples of the world. In fact, you can travel just a few hours north to the world’s most multicultural city of Toronto, Canada. There, you will have the opportunity to intentionally engage with people from all walks of life, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, & Buddhists. Throughout the week, our team will partner with strategic hosts who are actively working to bring the gospel to these communities by visiting homes and religious centers. Along the way, there will be ample time devoted to teaching and debriefing our team in an effort to better equip you for diaspora ministry here in Central Virginia.
Projected cost: $850 
Includes: lodging, transportation, food, ministry expenses, travel insurance
Does not include: passport, immunizations, souvenirs

Middle East Summer Trip

June 28-July 10, 2019

Consider joining this team as we serve alongside strategic partners to reach out to refugees and the least of these. Partnering with the local church, the team’s primary objective will be to show the hope of the gospel with street children and refugees by facilitating camps and outreach activities. Ministering to the people in word and deed, these strategic outreach initiatives help pave the way for long-term, gospel-centric relationships to be formed.  Along the way, you will have the opportunity to encourage and to learn from other HBC Global Ministry partners, as well as to visit rich historical and biblical sites. Come experience firsthand the exciting work that God is doing in the Middle East!
Projected cost: $3175
Includes: airfare, visa, lodging, transportation, food in-country and at airports, ministry expenses, travel insurance Does not include: passport, immunizations, souvenirs

North Africa Fall Trip

10-12 day trip in early September 2019

Serve alongside long-time HBC partners by aiding with the distribution of school supplies to children in rural parts of the country. This is a strategic initiative to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ which ultimately helps provide a platform for national partners to follow up and share the gospel. In addition to preparing, packing, and distributing nearly 3000 backpacks, you will have authentic opportunities to be immersed in the culture, spend much time prayer walking through the city, all the while gaining a glimpse into how God is at work in North Africa!
Projected cost: $3100
Includes: airfare, lodging, transportation, food in-country and at airports, ministry expenses, travel insurance
Does not include: passport, immunizations, souvenirs

Middle East Fall Trip

September 20-29, 2019

Come to see, experience, and be reminded that God is still at work in the dark places! He is sovereignly working in the midst of the refugee crisis and is using the creative strategies of his children as a part of his work. Participate in this work as you learn from and serve with some of our sent workers, the B. family, who are facilitating sports outreach programs, ESL classes, and community development as they make disciples. As you do so, our prayer is that you walk away better equipped to pray, share, and advocate on behalf of our partners and God’s ongoing work in the Middle East.
Projected cost: $2800 Includes: airfare, lodging, transportation, food in-country and at airports, ministry expenses, visa, travel insurance Does not include: passport, immunizations, souvenirs

Internship in Germany

If you are looking for an individual mission trip, Michael Landoll, one of our missionaries in Germany, often arranges internships at the local church he pastors. This is a great opportunity to learn about church planting and day-to-day missions ministry through hands-on experience.

Tanzania Mancode Discipleship Trip

Spring 2020

Men, begin to plan now for this unique opportunity to travel with Pastor Nathan back to Tanzania to learn, serve, and explore God’s creation. The team will partner with supported missionaries Vernon & Mary Smith and local churches to assist in evangelism initiatives and church building projects. After a week of hands-on ministry, you will then spend 4 days backpacking through and enjoying a safari in the Serengeti. This latter portion of the trip will provide strategic time to reflect, debrief the ministry, unpack God’s Word together, and walk away encouraged and challenged as men. More details to come soon!  
Projected Cost: $3200 – $3600

One-year position in South Korea

Aug. 15, 2019-Sept. 1, 2020

WOLBI Jeju is looking for a volunteer who loves cooking, discipleship, and cross-cultural adventure. Responsibilities include serving beside an Asian chef to oversee food service, shopping, training/discipleship of student workers, and making of baked goods for the bakery. You will serve seven meals per week for 35-60 people.
Not only is this a great opportunity for someone to use their cooking skills to disciple cross-culturally on campus but there are opportunities to be involved in local church ministry (even a recent church plant) through praise team, teaching Bible study and discipling teens in a youth group. For additional information about this opportunity, email You can find out more information about WOLBI Jeju by clicking here.

What are the primary purposes of STMTs?

  1. To EXPOSE you firsthand to how God is at work around the globe.
  2. To ENGAGE you in cross-cultural opportunities alongside our global partners.
  3. To ENCOURAGE our global partners as we serve them and assist in their ministry.
  4. To EQUIP you to be strategically involved in God’s global cause, whether you plan to send or go.

Who is impacted by STMTs?

  1. The World – The team shares the Gospel and displays Christ’s love with the lost
  2. The Missionary & National Partners – The team ministers to our partners and serves alongside them
  3. The Church – The team is a catalyst in building upon HBC’s excitement for world missions  
  4. The Participants – By God’s grace, your life and perspective are radically transformed in the way that you know and love God and the way that you see and serve the world.  

What should you expect on an STMT?

  1. Team Meetings & Training – In order for you and the team to adequately train, prepare, brief and debrief, plan to have between 7 – 9 meetings before the trip, regular meetings throughout the trip, and 2 – 3 meetings after the trip.
  2. Partnership Development – You will be encouraged to invite others to journey with you throughout the process through prayer and/or financial giving.