This offering is a strategic effort to reach the unengaged peoples of South and Southeast Asia. Our prayer is that they might have the opportunity to respond to the gospel in numbers sufficient enough to plant churches and see God’s work grow among them. 

The 4 strategic efforts will be stewarded by three of our missionaries in South Asia and one in Southeast Asia.

South Asia (Dave & Jerra, Ed & Carmen, Peter & Heather)
  • South Asia has the world’s highest concentration of unreached people groups.
  • 95% of the individuals in South Asia live in an unreached people group.
  • Working with and sending nationals among 10 unreached, unengaged people groups that will evangelize, disciple, and train church planters among them.
  • Partners that David and Jerra are working with have detailed plans that have previously yielded exciting baptisms and church plants.
  • They will work alongside their local church in a church plant effort in an unreached, very poor and needy area.
  • They will repeat a proven model that will feature building a “Transformation Center” in the community that will help meet physical, educational, medical, and vocational needs.
  • They have had their own training process to raise up church planters from among their congregation.
  • After more than 3 years of training and several mission trips, teams are beginning to go out to other unreached parts of their country.
  • This offering will help fund  the efforts of this church planting team for up to 3 years. They already have seen believers be baptized, discipled, and looking forward to being a part of a new church in this area that is surrounded by many more unreached people groups.
Southeast Asia (Tyler and Jenni)
  •  Also an area with many unreached
  • Tyler and Jenni are moving to a different location inside their country where there are no known believers.
  • They will do similar work to what they were doing before by partnering with the nationals to develop a coffee business.
  • Our funds will pay for the $15k needed to build a house in this new location so that they can live and work among those not yet followers of Jesus.

You may also give:

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  • Via check designated “Christmas” in the memo line