Global Ministries

We believe that the biblical mandate given to the Church by Christ is world evangelization. The role of Heritage in this great worldwide ministry is to help effectively equip cross-cultural goers for life and ministry, and then to send them out with sufficient resources and encouragement for their task. We are committed to developing significant, loving, and accountable relationships with our cross-cultural goers, both for them personally and for their ministry.

Global Ministries’ Strategy

Heritage Global Ministries exists to equip and shepherd long-term cross-cultural Goers who love the Gospel and are making reproducing disciples.

Global Workers

We currently have 13 workers who are members of our congregation sent out by Heritage. We also support 15 more families sent by other churches.
Because we live in an increasingly high-tech world, we do not publish information about our workers online. Many of them serve in restricted-access nations and the nature of their work is sensitive.
For updated information on our workers, we encourage you to stop by the Hall of Faith and pick up one of their newsletters or prayer cards.

Sending Teams

As a church, it is our responsibility to care for and meet the needs of the workers we send out. In order to do this well, Sending Teams were created to allow church members to be directly involved in this role by connecting, praying, and ministering to Heritage-sent workers.
Want to know more about Sending Teams?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions  page.

Pathway to the Nations

The Pathway to the Nations’ purpose is to develop and equip long-term goers who love the gospel and are making reproducing disciples. Our desire is that those in Pathway will know and love Jesus more so that they might be unleashed to proclaim Jesus’ Good News and to see His Church planted throughout the world.
Please note: For consideration to become a sent cross-cultural Goer of Heritage, one must have been a full member for at least 2 years. The first step for any Heritage attender is to schedule an appointment with the Global Ministries Team.

Short Term Trips

Just as Heritage is proactive in our approach to long-term global outreach, we are also proactive in our approach to short term trips. We place a high priority on the coordination of our trips so that they will strengthen the field ministry of workers with whom Heritage is already partnering.

Global Outreach Conference

Join us October 18-21 for Missions Conference 2020
This church-wide event is full of opportunities to interact with Heritage workers, experience amazing stories about how God is working around the world, and learn practical ways that we can each be involved now in the work of His people to take the gospel to the whole world. 
Want more details about what conference week looks like?  Click here for an overview of last year’s conference and watch for details to be added for the 2020 conference coming Oct 18-21!

Healing Hearts Vietnam

Healing Hearts Vietnam is a non-profit humanitarian ministry of Heritage Baptist Church. Its mission is to show the love of Jesus Christ by providing assistance to needy Vietnamese families—making life-saving cardiac surgeries available to those who could not otherwise afford it.
Administrative costs of Healing Hearts Vietnam are covered by Heritage Baptist Church so that 100% of financial gifts received go toward funding cardiac surgeries of Vietnamese patients who are in need. In addition, Vietnamese friends of Healing Hearts Vietnam visit surgical patients around the time of surgery and afterward in their homes to provide emotional and spiritual support to the patients and their families.
For more information about Healing Hearts Vietnam, visit the website at healingheartsvietnam.com.

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