1. Give the attendant the last name of your child to bring up your family.  If you do not yet have an information in our system, the attendant will assist you on gathering that information.  Your child will have two tags printed. One with their name and one with their security code. Keep the security code sticker with you for when you want to pick them up.  


  2. The name of your child’s assigned room will appear on the sticker below their name.  Please place the sticker on your child’s back and walk them to their classroom.


  3. If you are needed at any point during the service, we will send you a text.  If the text is not answered in a timely manner, we will attempt to locate you.


  4. After service, bring your security sticker back to your child’s assigned room. The teacher will verify the code and your child will be released to you.


Will my kids be safe?

All our the volunteers undergo background checks, an interview, orientation, and training prior to serving in nursery. We also have security cameras and safety team members who help keep an eye throughout children’s ministry. 

Once your child has been checked-in, he or she will only be released to the adult who has the security sticker, unless otherwise communicated. The two security codes MUST match.


What if my child needs me during their time in nursery?

When you are set up in our computers, we get your cell phone number. This allows us to send you a text if we should need to get you.  However, if we do not get a response in a timely manner, we will do our best to locate you.


What if my child has been sick during the week?

To attend nursery, your child must be free of fever and/or symptoms of a viral infection for at least 24 hours before he or she is put in their classroom.  


When does my child move up to the next class?

Most of our classes are based upon developmental markers. Therefore, when your child begins crawling, walking, or cruising, they will be placed in the appropriate class. 


Can I serve in the nursery?

Of Course! We have many opportunities to serve. You can email to begin the process.